Saalik Lokhandwala

Software artisan, writer, student of life.

What I'm Up To

🌎 Austin, TX
💻 Staff Software Engineer @ Litmus.
🥄 Writing essays on The Spoonful.

When I'm not refining my craft, I'm exploring with my fiancee, hiking through forests, wandering through my imagination, and hanging with my cat.

Work and Such

  • Software Engineering @ Litmus
    2021 - Present

  • Enterprise Customer Support @ Drift
    2019 - 2021

  • Product Management @ Glucose Trail
    2018 - 2019

  • Product Management @ Agora

A few things I believe in

  • Everything is Interconnected.

  • Software is modern magic. An invocation within a terminal can change the quality of someone's day.

  • Reading forms a deeper awareness of the people, products, and world around us. Indeed, it forms a deeper awareness of ourselves.

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