👋 I write
programs, prose, and poetry.

A systems thinker with a mystical bend, I explore unexpected interconnections.Check out my software projects, essays, and poetry book.A random list of things I love: ☕ī¸ hot chai, 💎 Ruby programming, ⛰ī¸ mountain air, 🍛 nasi lemak, 📔 poems in a journal, ✈ī¸ writing on plane rides.This website is an evolving home to a couple links, and a now page, which I update regularly with what's going on.

A few things I believe

  • Everything is Interconnected.

  • Never bet against text.

  • Software is modern magic. An invocation within a terminal can change the quality of someone's day.

  • Reading forms a deeper awareness of the people, products, and world around us. Indeed, it forms a deeper awareness of ourselves.


I write regularly on my blog, The Spoonful.Selected essays:â€ĸ The Adventure to Asia
â€ĸ The Lie of Translation
â€ĸ Software Spellcraft
â€ĸ The Practice of Holding Space
â€ĸ The Internet City
â€ĸ 2023, a Year in Review
I also muse a bit on Twitter.

Work and Such


🌎 Penang, Malaysia✈ī¸ We're headed home to the States soon, and we'll be traveling a bit before landing, bumping into family and friends on the way!đŸĨ„ Writing Season 7 of The Spoonful.
With so much travel, there have been lots of ideas. But in the flux, it's been hard to write anything legible.

Last updated May 6, 2024 from Penang.This page is inspired by Derek Sivers's nownownow.

Active Projects

Check out my projects on Tangible Info.🌋 Lavadocs is a product that helps Obsidian users share their documents publicly.đŸĒļ My first poetry book, A Spoonful of Poetry is out. Read for free on the website.✏ī¸ Scribble.place lets people write quick private notes. Updates in the works.

I'm on sabbatical with my wife, exploring the East. When I'm not writing prose, poetry, or code, I'm strolling through cities, hiking through forests, and wandering through my imagination.