Gratitude for Tech

There are a few prevailing narratives on technology out there. Generally, they tend to flip between frustration that tech is dehumanizing, taking us away from the moment, and that technology is an absolutely necessary mechanism for survival that we can’t live without.

I would venture to guess that both of these notions are correct in some capacity. Our opinions on technology are strong.

But when do we really look at technology with dispassionate gratitude? There’s so much we can notice about how technology has fundamentally impacts the way we live. How many times do we stop to notice, without judging or applying our opinions on the impact of tech?

In times like these, our connection to humanity relies upon the tech’s capability to connect us.

That’s why it’s even more important to notice our relationship with technology. How does using technology connect us deeper? How does it make us further away from our current moment?

In any case, I’m grateful for its existence. It’s made what was once impossible, into a reality.

What are 3 aspects of technology that you’re grateful for?

Here’s mine!

  1. Grateful that technology shrinks the physical borders and distance between us.
  2. Grateful for the spirit of improvement and innovation that’s inherent to developing technology. It’s that spirit that motivates me to move forward.
  3. Grateful for the imagination that arises when solving real-world problems with digital solutions.

I’d love to hear your list!