Black Lives Matter

Our collective conscious holds a deep breath. These weeks, a heavy weight is present, one of great importance. It’s an awakening and a sadness, a mourning and a realization.

In times like these, I don’t know what to say authentically. I feel like I’m behind, because I am so present to my ignorance. Being a person of color myself, I thought I could understand a piece of what it’s like to be Black in America.

These weeks, I’ve felt my ignorance so acutely. I don’t know nearly enough, and don’t know how to express the weight of these times from my heart. I’m focusing on educating myself and reflecting on this moment, as well as making monetary contributions. But it doesn’t feel like enough. Some of that is fueled by social pressure.

The truth is, the weeks following the brutal murder of George Floyd was one of intense reflection for me, and through that reflection I’ve found empowerment and the desire to continue this conversation; to make it important and necessary to address.

Here are some of my learnings, the ones I can put words to, at least.

With a moment of silence for George Floyd and the countless other lives lost to police brutality, I hope to be a part of making the world a little brighter tomorrow.