The Pace Changes

The pace of life feels as though it’s changing. The weather warms, and things feel like they’re moving a little bit more. It could be because the days are longer and the sun is bright, and it could also be because of the easing of restrictions we’re seeing across the world and in our cities.

When life changes pace, it can be jolting. Like switching from one activity to another, a pace change is a context switch. The world came to a screeching halt when covid hit us. And now, it feels like the motors of human society are barking back to life.

With the revolutions of social justice and a pandemic hanging over our heads, the world feels weighty and unweildy at times. Yet, there are silver linings and transformations - conversations and revelations. Growth. That’s the present.

With any growing, there are pains. With any newness, there is adjustment. With any hope, there is the looming uncertainty of failure. But the world moves on, and life begins to multiply.

And when the world feels like it’s turning upside down and inside out, it’s critical for us to question:

Who are we? What are we?

The days of summer are tantalizing in their heat - tempting to stop the thinking, stop the prudence.

Serendipity is beautiful. But so is intentionality and understanding.

Here’s an intention to keep my eyes wide and my head lifted toward the sun. To revel in the wonder of now, while keeping my feet planted firmly into the roots I’ve grown and watered and watched grow.

The pace changes, but we haven’t. The summer lazes, but we don’t.