On Cycles and Interconnectedness

Food, movement, sleep, focus, stress, worry, performance, energy:

They’re all completely related. Nothing is unrelated. Connections exist between every being and between every idea.

Tough days yield tough sleep, which lends itself to tiredness — and the cycle continues.

The only trick that we have is in prayer and self-awareness. In these practices we find resilience, change, and transformation — available for us to take and use.

We can intentionally break negative cycles within our minds, and therefore, influence our bodies. But we can only break these cycles if we catch the cycle in the act of controlling us. Guiding us down pathways of seemingly easy answers, these cycles can operate without permission, leaving us without control.

Some of these cycles are virtuous; others are viscious. It’s up to us to infuse our lives with the awareness to catch these cycles and decide: Is this pattern of thinking one that I’d like to keep? Is this pattern of behavior one that I’d like to keep?

Intricate and altogether machine-like, these cycles have triggers and pulleys and buttons like any other piece of machinery.

The question remains: can you see the machines?