Levels of Learning

Something I’ve been present to recently is the quantity and quality of what we can consume today. We’re truly blessed that education is so accessible through a simple internet connection.

Personally, I’ve been exploring the mediums of podcasts and video courses to level up my learning. In my mind, there are 4 levels of learning.


Good old text is the best way to consume long form, broad sweeping and potentially very deep learning content. Text moves us in heavily conceptual ways without much lift, because all of the visualization happens in our imagination.

And that’s what makes the art form so unique and beautiful. It sounds the simplest, but could be the most profound category in this list.

Asynchronous Video and Audio

Pre-recorded video and audio is the next level of learning. The engagement here can also deep, but there’s an extra layer of engagement that goes beyond starting at text that doesn’t move.

Hearing a voice or watching movement on our screens takes learning to a more easily consumable format, which is why these formats have such a wide appeal.

Group Courses

Group courses (in person or online) are the next level of learning because it’s learning among a peer group. While we may not get individual attention, synchronous classes will usually be tailored to fit the students in the room.

While content here can be broad sweeping, unlike a video or reading some text, our participation and energy while learning actually matters, and our impact on our peers are just as moving as that of the instructor.

1:1 Coaching

A one on one session is the most personalized way to learn something new. A tutor, a coach, or a therapist are all ultimately focused on the individual. That means content is fully focused on where the individual is at in their learning journey.

Depth and mastery of a topic can happen when sitting with the absolute expert on a topic, and coaching is what provides that, ultimately.

There’s an abundance of content to explore and grow from. In this age, video, text, and audio are all available to learn and engaged by.