Summer Days In Nature - The Antidote

Nature is an antidote to loneliness and a lack of connectedness. A little dirt, a little soil. A little breath of air from the fresh oxygenated forest. These little bits and pieces of the Earth can heal the heart and the soul when it aches and wanders aimlessly.

Nature is neutral, and everyone belongs there. It can’t be owned or tamed. Not without cutting it down and replacing it with concrete. And when that happens, it’s no longer nature.

I’m finding myself drawn more deeply into nature every day. Its infinite exploration calls to me suddenly, and I feel obligated to respond by diving headfirst into pine forests and alpine peaks.

I am so grateful for the access I have to the natural world around me, for the desire to connect and belong and grow with it by my side. I’m grateful that although I’m a city-dwelling technologist, my heart belongs to the simple twigs and stones and mushrooms that grow under the patches of sunlight, filtered by a leafy canopy.

I’m grateful that the people around me feel the connection as I do, just as profoundly, but still in a fascinatingly different way. I’m so excited for the world to open its door wider, day by day — because I’m readying myself to immerse into the mysteries that still waits to be experienced.