A Letter to My Next Gig ~ 22 Jul 2021

Dear next gig,

I feel that you’re close and that you’ll find me soon. You’re different, something I’ve never experienced before. That’s because the confidence I have in your selection of me is something I’ve never experienced before either. You’re inherently creative, tasking me with building an impactful product using the poetry of code.

You fulfill the pillar of product development. I’ll devote much energy, time, and love to you, and in return, you’ll find me to be a curious and willing student — contributing and learning in equal proportions.

You are not everything, not my end-all-be-all. That might be difficult to hear. But life is constantly moving, and creativity, writing, reading, and yes, other code, all await me even as I work with you.

You open the door to the chapters beyond, the areas I dreamed of seeing. It’s a step closer. And truly, you are a dream that’s approaching reality. I didn’t think I’d be able to be a builder so young, green, and inspired.

When you arrive and how you manifest, I don’t know. But however you emerge, I’ll know it’s you. Because it’s Right and True.

See you soon,


Notes about this letter:

I originally wrote this letter in my journal in May of 2021, when I had graduated from coding bootcamp and was starting to think about what would be next for me. I’ve now decided to memorialize this journal entry as a blog post. I’ll likely revisit and reflect on it further in my career.

My current job search has ended for now (I haven’t announced where I’m joining yet). I now feel comfortable sharing this Truth. The contents of the letter are congruent with the role I’ll be starting soon, and that’s probably not a coincidence. I can’t be more excited. 🙂

I intentionally chose to keep this letter raw and unedited from the original in my journal (other than fixing some grammatical mistakes).

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© Saalik Lokhandwala, 2021