On Art and Presence ~ 31 Jul 2021

The colors and flavors of life come from seeking the Divine.

Art is a translation of the Soul — made into an earthly medium that can be communicated with another being. The interesting thing is, no one can truly experience an artist’s Soul at the moment they created that piece of art. Each of us experiencing an art gets a fragment of that energy and spirit. Truly great artists share large amounts of their Soul in their creation, in a way that is palpably felt by many, many, people.

This bears asking the question: what is art?

My definition of art is “something made by humans to serve a particular function or evoke an emotion.” I haven’t found any definition that’s worked better, and for this musing, I’ll stick with it, although this is ever-evolving.

Everything made by humankind is art. That leaves nature. Nature, well, that’s something our human minds can’t fully grasp, since our brains are biologically limited. Our way of thinking, communicating, and understanding is very specific to the human experience.

Nature is, at some point, inexplicable. Therefore, nature is Divine.

Art is from nature, so art is also Divine.

And so, everything is connected.

Our souls light up in different ways from different arts. Everyone is unique in this regard. But truly seeing and feeling and hearing art is done with the intent to seek nearness to the dewdrop of Divinity that lives within it.

The moments that we recognize that we are seekers, searching for the Infinite in this earthly world, those moments are what we call “being present.”

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© Saalik Lokhandwala, 2021