Side Project Journal - Apartment Hunting Scraper

A side project that helped us find a new place to live

Intentions for this blog

Resetting intentions for writing on this new website.

Thoughts on Attending RubyConf 2021

This year, I attended RubyConf 2021 virtually.

My "Adventure Database"

Hacking on a side project, my adventure database.

The Focus on Code and my Oct - Dec Sprint

As I’ve progressed through my early career and found software engineering as my landing spot, I’ve been thinking about where to double down.

On Art and Presence

The colors and flavors of life come from seeking the Divine.

A Letter to My Next Gig

Dear next gig,

Introducing TinyApps

Introducing TinyApps, a developer blog + newsletter.

Flipping the Script on Job Interviews

There’s something about looking and interviewing for a job that is uniquely terrifying…

From Boston to Austin

Some news - I’m moving to Austin, Texas!

Building an open source analytics platform in 2 weeks

Smidgeon Analytics is a small, dead-simple, and open source analytics tool that tracks page views on your website or blog.

Coding Bootcamp Reflections

My biggest takeaways from the months of coding full-time.

I'm 3 weeks into Coding Bootcamp

My learnings so far.

Learning with Velocity

The power of learning something with velocity (speed + direction)


My writing project for short stories and interviews.

Goodbye, Year 24

I’m 25! This is a birthday reflection.

Fundamentals. Fundamentals. Fundamentals. (And Bootcamp!)

With new learning adventures in 2021, my focus is fixed on mastering fundamentals.

Side Project Journal: A City Comparison Web Scraper

How I built a scrappy side-project, scraping city comparison data

My Journey Finding A Coach

How and why I found a mindset coach, and the difference that it made

The Beauty of Feeling Meh

Recently, I’ve been feeling “meh.” Nothing bad has happened, but nothing exciting has either.

Re-Introducing Lytebulb

Relaunching a side-project

Structure - Is it bad? Is it good?

Exploring my relationship with structure

Investing in Self Improvement

Today I made an investment in furthering my growth.

Summer Days In Nature - The Antidote

Nature is an antidote to loneliness and a lack of connectedness.

Side Project Journal: Spark API

Spark is a dead-simple GraphQL API of inspirational quotes meant to inspire end users.

Levels of Learning

An exploration of methods we use to learn new information

On Cycles and Interconnectedness

Summer Thunder

The Pace Changes

Side Project Journal: Runway Finance

Reading - the Adventure From Home

Black Lives Matter

My Inner Poet

Gratitude for Tech