Coding Bootcamp Reflections

Last week was the final week of my web development bootcamp! 🥳

I learned so much, leveled up a ton, and am so excited for where my career and life is headed.

Here are my biggest takeaways from the months of coding full-time 👇

1. A structured curriculum is an accelerator for learning, as long as we know what we want to learn.

Being self-taught to a degree before bootcamp led me to focus and ask questions on the concepts I knew I struggled with. This led to so many aha! moments.

2. Half the battle is knowing where + how to look for answers.

Metaphorically, coding bootcamp taught me to fish and also led me to the best rivers.

It’s a glorious feeling to be debugging my code and writing tests with newfound confidence.

3. Feedback is invaluable when learning a new skill.

When I started coding years ago, I was tinkering by myself. I had no one to tell me whether my code was faulty, if I could approach a problem another way, or if a div was misaligned.

Feedback leads to higher quality.

What’s next?

• I’m looking for my next gig as a software engineer

• I’ll keep working on webdev projects

• I’ll be writing more regularly (finally!)