Side Project Journal: Runway Finance

Runway Finance is a blog / Medium publication started by my friend Nishant Asher and I. We’re writing about personal finance, about richness, and about how to practically understand the seemingly complicated and jargon-filled world of personal finance.

I’m not a finance major or anything, but Nishant is. In the six years we’ve known each other, I’ve gotten a lot out of our conversations. After spending time traveling and not making loads of money after graduating, I started thinking about how to optimize my finances so that I could live a simple life with everything I need, while not wasting a penny on unnecessary purchases.

That took me on a journey to figure out credit cards, investing, retirement accounts, taxes, and everything else that’s involved in managing one’s finances. I feel like I have the basics down. After reading some great books and participating in workshops — I’m in even more control of my finances.

Now is a perfect time to share what I’ve learned alongside Nishant, who’s been digging into this kind of stuff for as long as I can remember.

The idea for Runway actually began around a year ago, when Nishant and I were planning on making a budgeting app. The app is still a valid idea, but as we started the process of building it, we realized that our direction and understanding of the problem wasn’t strong enough. So, after months of letting the project sit untouched, we regrouped and pivoted.

We realized that the app we wanted to build wouldn’t be usable or helpful to people who didn’t know what personal finance was in the first place! So our mission shifted to educating people who may not know much about personal finance at all.

It’s been a fun journey already, and we’re just getting started!

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