Side Project Journal: Spark API

TL;DR - Spark is a dead-simple GraphQL API of inspirational quotes meant to inspire end users.

Check it out here:

In some of my projects, I’ve thought about using a quotes API to get inspirational quotes and include them in loading screens, etc. When I couldn’t find an API that did exactly what I wanted, I realized that I’d be better off making my own!

Spark is a project that I’ve started, stopped, and restarted with a new set of tools and motivation several times. I tried with Express and MongoDB, which ended very early. I basically finished a version of Flask and a MySQL database, running locally, but it was a pain to push to production, and I wasn’t dead set on a REST API at the time. I think deep down, I wanted to build a GraphQL API but was too intimidated by the new technology.

After some great online tutorials and a re-energized desire to push code, I’m happy I was able to create a static version of this with GraphQL. No need for a database or any fanciness. There are only two queries (so far), but they do the job! It’s great that the API gets all the perks of using an awesome technology like GraphQL.

As I’m deepening my full stack React knowledge, GraphQL is a critically important tool in the ecosystem. I realized that building a simple static API for quotes would be a great way to expand my learning and ship something pretty cool, at the same time.

It’s hosted using the Heroku free account (for now) but we’ll see if there’s some interest and usage!

If people (or myself) start using the API more regularly, I’ll add more quotes to it and ultimately throw a bit of money at Heroku to make it more performable.

If you’re a developer, I’d love to hear your thoughts and any feedback you have on the project.

There are a few more fun things in store on the horizon, which I’m super excited to share soon, so stay tuned!