Investing in Self Improvement

Today I made an investment in furthering my growth.

I’m not in a crisis, and not in desperate need. Rather, I’ve realized that I have so far to go. I’m grateful to be in a place where I am fed, clothed, and housed. More miraculously, I support my own existence through my efforts and my value.

That’s more than most people can ask for. But I’ve realized that I don’t want to be most people.

I’m ready for that next jump. That next piece of uncomfortable growth. Sometimes it was travel that brought it out. Sometimes it was a new job. Sometimes it was a big life transition. All of these times that catalyzed intense personal growth took some kind of investment.

This adventure is of a different breed altogether. I made an investment in coaching. I’ve never been coached one-on-one before, so this whole experience will be entirely new. I can definitely say that I’m looking forward to it.

From a monetary perspective, it was sizable (for me). But if I can learn with an open heart and mind, I think that I can make the results of this come back, tenfold. Whenever I spend a significant amount of money on anything no matter how wholesome or how badly I wanted it, I feel a tinge of buyer’s remorse.

In this case, I was saving up to invest in an experience to be coached and work on myself with a newfound intensity. Like many beautiful things in life, they happen when they need to, and I see this in the same way. I’m excited that I was able to take the plunge, make an investment in myself and put the work in to get myself to that next level.

Sometimes we need guides on our journeys, and sometimes we don’t. Perhaps this is one of those times that a guide’s wisdom will be greater.

While I approach the prospect of breaking from my comfort zone with some apprehension, that’s my fear of change talking. And if there’s any fear I would love to conquer in this existence of mine, it’s the fear of change.

Everything changes, everything moves, and so do I.

Onward and upward.