Re-Introducing Lytebulb

I love side-projects. Dabbling in technology, problem solving, and business is what I love to sink my head into. For a couple years now, I’ve decided to house my projects under the domain

It started as an idea for a consultancy, and turned into a “product studio” where I host my side projects. Now, it’s about to transform once again. Learning through side projects has been awesome, and each iteration gets better than the last. That’s fixed squarely behind the intention of the new-and-improved vision for Lytebulb.

I believe that I have powerful things to share, in the form of content, tools, and messages. It’s the first time I’ve truly allowed myself to embrace that power, and feel for once, the urge to take the leap and share that feeling.

I’ve spent time feeling like an imposter, a wannabe creator who never shipped anything significant. Of course this isn’t true, and I’m so lucky to have had the opportunity to manage products and create side hustles, but the feeling permeated through me. I refuse to feel that way anymore.

Lytebulb will continue to be a home for my side projects, but now, it has a very focused mission. I’ve decided to strip all of my old projects from the site (although they are still live, and many of them can be found as public repos on my GitHub profile). The new projects that I’ll be shipping on Lytebulb abide by the following principles:

Made from Fun

I want to create things that are birthed from my brain and soul. These are tools and projects that are fun for me to build as well as use. There’s going to be a lightheartedness and broad creativity (with healthy constraints) that go into these projects. I’m looking to solve my own problems with the tools I create. I am my first user, and fun is at the core of all this creation.

Solo creating

All Lytebulb projects are solo-projects. The projects I’ll decide to put here are going to be end-to-end exercises of my willpower and capability. I’ve often struggled to prioritize my own work, because it’s much easier to prioritize a project where other people are depending on me. I intend to change that here, and push myself to work solo.

A focus on simplicity

The intention behind the projects I create with Lytebulb is that they could scale, and spin off into products. However, that’s not the end goal. That’s why each Lytebulb project is going to be mind-bogglingly simple. They will have a straightforward and focused goal and do one thing really well.

Free from thinking and pricing

I’m intentionally creating this space for Lytebulb projects to be 100% free. In some ways, I feel that any use from these projects are my sweat donation to the world. And by knowing that these will be free, I’ll be more incentivized to experiment, learn, and push the envelope with each project I release.

If you made it this far, I thank you. I’m so excited to learn and grow each and every day. I can’t wait to share my ideas and work with the world, and my only hope is that as I level myself up, I can help a few people on the way.