Side Project Journal: A City Comparison Web Scraper ~ 04 Jan 2021

It was a bright morning. Jackie and I were daydreaming about cities that we could live in together, just for the fun of it. What ensued was a flurry of Google searches and data comparison.

I’ve been learning the basics of the Ruby programming language. It’s a versatile and flexible weapon, a beautiful development experience, complete with power. While web frameworks (like Rails) is what Ruby is famously known for, I was on the lookout for a useful but fun project to test my skills with pure Ruby.

With that backdrop, I had a lightbulb moment. 💡

What if I could scrape the city data website I was looking at in order to compare data across multiple different cities, and only extract the data that I cared about?

That’s where the idea for City Compr came from. Yes, the name is super lame, and it’s dumb that I left out vowels in the word “Compare,” but I made a split second decision and I’m rolling with it.

As a program that prints out data to the terminal, I was able to leverage Ruby to scrape websites dynamically, and collect data on any city or town in the US.

In a couple days, I cranked on this. I learned to:

  • Download HTML documents into Ruby
  • Parse HTML tags with Nokogiri
  • Practice string manipulation in Ruby by searching for indexes, and substringing
  • Present data in the terminal (with the help of terminal-table)
  • Find a problem, and hack a solution that rapidly gets to a point of usefulness.
    • Map out the problem on paper, and getting very clear with the outcome
    • Use low fidelity sketch mockups to guide the outcome
    • Prioritize the tasks to have the biggest impact, while not compromising quality
  • Test early and often.

Want to check out the project? It’s open source on Github.


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