Fundamentals. Fundamentals. Fundamentals. (And Bootcamp!)

I am deep into learning mode right now - and am about to take an even bigger plunge.

After having such a valuable experience at Drift on the support team and getting close to customers, I’ve been itching to get back into learning mode for the things I love to do: building impactful products and producing quality writing.

To Bootcamp!

To do that, I’m focusing on the fundamentals: finding mastery in areas where I previously struggled, and doubling down on my strengths.

After much soul searching, I landed on a plan to launch me into the stratosphere of my personal and professional competence. I joined a full-time coding bootcamp. Why? Bootcamps tend to have mixed reviews, with most of the negative stemming from not being able to find a job afterwards.

Here’s why I decided to attend:

I’m confident that this direction is right, because it’s really about rounding out my technical skillset, and giving me a structured environment where I can fill in gaps in my knowledge, while building an awesome portfolio.

Full-time bootcamp classes start in March, and part-time has already started. This could be one of the most intense learning experiences I’ve had, and I’m ready for it.

In preparation for this adventure, I’m leaving Drift. For all that I learned and experienced (it was a whole lot), I am truly grateful. The team is second to none, and the bonds that I’ve made there will endure beyond my tenure there.

On the Written Word

While I’m coding, I’m also digging into reading, writing, and the process of learning. I’m reconstructing habits from the ground up and searching for wisdom in the content I consume, from podcasts, to books, to poetry, to film.

To that end, my intention is to share more of my written work with the world. There’s a lot in the pipeline that I’ll be revealing soon.

What I’m Chewing On

Til next time!