Reading and writing are two of the activities that bring me the most life satisfaction. They are the ultimate learning mechanisms, which is why we learn them early in life. Our understanding blooms through the creation and consumption of words. I want to spend more of my days doing these two things.

Writing is the art through which I aim to find my freedom — in expression, in finances, in communication. Writing scales. It allows for creation in an inspired moment to reach the hearts of many. And every time a piece is read, we’re tapping into that original inspiration, over and over again.

I’m excited to introduce - my new writing project. It’s a little different, a dash uncommon, but it captures me like few projects in my past have. It’s a creative outlet more than a business, a place to express in abundance and share with reckless abandon.

It’s intended to be a corner of the internet filled with writing that aims to uncover the magic within ourselves.

Alchemy is the magic of transformation. Both elements: magic and change are at the center of this blog.

The intention of this blog is to create a place to write for myself. Even if I’m the blog’s only reader, the writing I’ve produced is worth it. It is additive energy to the world. Tapping into the Alchemist feels like a powerful next step in my journey of life, and the possibilities from there are endless.

It is only within practice that I find my own mastery.