I'm 3 weeks into Coding Bootcamp

I’m 3 weeks into core cirriculum at my coding bootcamp, and I’m loving it so far. As a relative code newbie, here’s what I’ve learned at this point in the journey 💡

1. Learning the fundamentals is so, so, so important. My previous self-learning pushed me to learn bleeding edge technologies, before grasping the essentials. Heck, I was building in React before truly understanding foundational JavaScript!

2. Yet, my self-learning has come in handy! For the past few years, I’ve been reading tutorial after tutorial on one specific technology at a time. Now I’m seeing the puzzle come together, and my previous learnings are resurfacing to help me fill in the blanks.

3. Ruby is a dream. It’s clean, expressive, and I personally love all the syntatic sugar. 🍬

After learning Java in college, I love that I’m a Rubyist. Can’t wait to deep dive into Rails in the coming weeks.

4. There’s never a good time to drop everything (like a predictable income) in order to learn. But this dedicated time to immersing myself, getting curious, and finding the joy in building is the best gift I’ve given myself.

I’m pumped to continue learning, ideating, and applying these tools to real world problems. Fun stuff is around the corner.