Introducing TinyApps ~ 06 Jul 2021

TinyApps is a developer blog + newsletter. In each post, I break down nugget-sized web applications that do one or two critical things. Halfway between a tutorial and a walkthrough, TinyApps are usually contrived, but they illustrate interesting technology!

Check it out here!

The Project

I’m working on a large project, and while I’m enjoying it and learning a ton in the process, I wanted a way to document individual learnings as I improve my craft as a web developer.

Simultaneously, I’ve been reading about and understanding that learning out loud is very effective. Publishing my thoughts (as I do on this blog) creates an incentive to polish my words and think about concepts thoroughly.

TinyApps was born at the intersection of publishing my learnings and leveling up as a developer.

It’s a great project because it brings together a variety of concrete and creative skills.

  1. Since TinyApps focuses strictly on web development, it’s very much within the vertical of my skillset.
  2. As a blog/newsletter, the project pushes me to write more. Writing more helps me to think clearly.
  3. It stretches my creativity. Since these aren’t full-scale applications, I can make these TinyApps particularly playful.
  4. My awareness of code readability is increasing. As I practice writing more and more expressive code, I feel my skillset grow.
  5. This project is sharable. It’s intended to help other developers on their journeys. I’d love to grow my community as a result of this project.

I’m launching the project today! There are two completed posts (and many more in the pipeline). The first is a simple app that uses a React-powered search bar component, and the other is an illustration of CSS animations.

It’s just the beginning. I’ll be releasing new posts on TinyApp Tuesdays. If you’re a developer and you give it a read, let me know what you think!

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