My "Adventure Database" ~ 05 Nov 2021

Over the past few weekends, I’ve been hacking on a fun side project, what I call my adventure database.

When my fiancee and I moved to Austin, we started capturing our experiences (from food to nature and more) in a Notion database. We did this so that we could remember places that we’ve visited and create a database for when our friends visited and came to town.

Quickly outgrowing the database on Notion, we also realized that as the world opens up, we wanted to capture the same kind of information through our future travels. That’s when I put the software engineer hat on and decided to build out this website for our adventures.

The main intentions are as follows:

  1. Have a public, live, travel journal that Jackie and I can look back on.
  2. Easily share our adventure recommendations with friends and family.
  3. Build my skills as an engineer by maintaining a growing full-stack application.

Building this project has been fun because it’s allowing me to experiment with tech that I’m both familiar yet a beginner with. While the mandate for the application is simple, there are lots of fanciful twists that can be made on the user experience. I have lots of interesting plans in the pipeline.

By building more, I’m learning more. And reflecting on building is just as important in my journey.

The code for this project lives on GitHub and is open source:

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