The latest that's happening in Saalik Land. Things I'm up to, building, launching, and writing.

Thoughts on Attending RubyConf 2021

This year, I attended RubyConf 2021 virtually.

My "Adventure Database"

Hacking on a side project, my adventure database.

The Focus on Code and my Oct - Dec Sprint

As I've progressed through my early career and found software engineering as my landing spot, I've been thinking about where to double down.

Introducing TinyApps

Introducing TinyApps, a developer blog + newsletter.

From Boston to Austin

Some news - I'm moving to Austin, Texas!

Building an open source analytics platform in 2 weeks

Smidgeon Analytics is a small, dead-simple, and open source analytics tool that tracks page views on your website or blog.

Coding Bootcamp Reflections

My biggest takeaways from the months of coding full-time.

I'm 3 weeks into Coding Bootcamp

My learnings so far.

Introducing Alchemize.blog

My writing project for short stories and interviews.

Goodbye, Year 24

I'm 25! This is a birthday reflection.

Fundamentals. Fundamentals. Fundamentals. (And Bootcamp!)

With new learning adventures in 2021, my focus is fixed on mastering fundamentals.

Side Project Journal: A City Comparison Web Scraper

How I built a scrappy side-project, scraping city comparison data

My Journey Finding A Coach

How and why I found a mindset coach, and the difference that it made

Re-Introducing Lytebulb

Relaunching a side-project

Investing in Self Improvement

Today I made an investment in furthering my growth.

Side Project Journal: Spark API

Spark is a dead-simple GraphQL API of inspirational quotes meant to inspire end users.

Side Project Journal: Runway Finance

Reading - the Adventure From Home

My Inner Poet